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It is an oven of the hot air circulating method which equips the multi-slit doors in the shuttle frame driving vertically. During the Load, it opens only one slit door to suppress temperature change inside oven. Also, inside the oven, there are not any moving parts but the fixed cassettes, so there are no particles and substrate clash. The process condition of the temperature distribution is superior and it comes true the highest level in this business area.

Key feature
ㆍCorresponding to 1000 by 1000 mm glass
ㆍTemperature Distribution on the Substrate :±3℃(when 600×720size, Real measurement ±1.5℃)
ㆍTemperature Distribution inside oven : ±5℃(when 600×720size, Real measurement ±3.0℃)
ㆍClean degree inside oven: under 100 (Real Measurement 0.3um under 10ea)
ㆍRising time for Substrate : 5~6 min(in case of 600×720, reach 220℃)
ㆍsmall space( initial cost deduction)Application
ㆍCF Post Bake
ㆍPI Post Bake
ㆍSeal Cure
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