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Paint coating enabled by the Table Coater is thinner than those enabled by conventional machines. The Table Coater ensures thinner and more precise coating on glass and other sheets.The epoch-making nozzle washing and unique control methods of the Table Coater ensure highly precise thin-paint coating in submicron units.The Table Coater incorporates substrate transfer and positioning mechanisms, thus supporting automated systems.Chugai Ro's research institute has a test machine which is seated in class 100 clean-room for the purpose of checking the paint coating performance of the Table Coater.

1.Use of a slot die coater with abundant successful experience
2.Submicron coating which was difficult 0.02-200 microns dry is now the reality
3.Substrate widths up to 2200mm
4.Applies a wide range of coatings in viscosities of 0.001 to 10 Pa.s
5.Feed system and coating system with minimum waste of coatings
6.No change in coating properties due to the closed die coating system
7.Coating speed: 5-180mm/sec 8.Coating uniformity: within ±3%
Table coater
The Chugai Ro table coater is capable of highly accurate coating on glass, plastic film or other sheet material. Since the table coater uses a closed die coating system, the properties of coatings remain unchanged. The total amount of coatings supplied from the feed tank is transferred onto the substrate, thereby minimizing the waste of coatings.

1.Coating thickness is as accurate as attained by the spin coater
2.Subatrate widths up to 2200mm
3.Applies a wide range of coatings in viscosities of 0.001 to 100 Pa·s
4.Wide coating thickness range:1 to 500 microns wet
5.Low running cost due to the minimized waste of wet
6.No change in properties of coatings because of the closed die coating system
7.Coating speed: 5-50mm/sec
8.Coating uniformity: within ±5%

Continuous Die coater
This is a die coating equipment which unwinds the rolled substrate, such as paper, film, and foil, and coats them continuously.This equipment has adopted a slot die which is designed based on fluid analysis and supported by abundant actual results.

.1. This equipment adopts the non-contact coating system, so that the defects caused by foreign substance and the non-uniformities of the coated surface which is easily caused by contact coating system are lessened.
2. This equipment adopts the closed circuit coating system, so that the solvent evaporation is prevented and the properties of the coatings remain unchanged.
3. Wide range of coating viscosities of 0.001 to 100 Pa·s.
4. Wide coating thickness range : 5.0 to 1000 microns wet.
5. Wide coating speed range : 0.5 to 200m / min.
6. Easy adjustments of coating thickness only by controlling the number of rotations of coating feed pump and the coating gap.
7. Maintenance and inspection are very easy because of it's simple and compact structure.(gap adjustment of a slit is unnecessary)
8. Correspondence of auto-coating or cleaning is possible.
9. Examples of application, such as stripe coating and simultaneous multi-layer coating, are also abundant.
10. Coating accuracy: within ±5%

Circle Drawing Coater
This system is capable of no-loss high accurate coating of circular base by coating the circle directly, coating all face with all amount of coating material.Non-touch and closed circuit coating realizes clean environment. Besides, by making this system unit, it is possible to extend coating head.The specification of this system is as follows:Material size : Out-dia φ300mm (Max.)Material shape : Circle or squareCoating thickness : 1 - 500 μm(WET)Viscosity of coating material : 0.001 - 500Pa·s