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AMS has developed innovative platforms to make non-contact, non-destructive on-line wafer measurements quickly and cost-effectively. They are scalable systems to enable you to increase your manufacturing performance significantly. AMS advanced metrology tools provide high throughput measurements with proven accuracy, repeatability and reliability, while our advanced automation platform supports seamless integration into the most advanced automated process control strategies. These proprietary platforms fit anywhere, increasing throughput, decreasing cost of ownership, and protecting your investment.

AMS IR3000 uses proprietary Model-Based Infrared Reflectometry to measure thickness, depth and parameters of etched and recess filled trench structures with nanometer precision. It can also measure epitaxial layer thickness with angstrom precision even at 30 nm and below. All of this at a throughput of 45 wph (5 sites with pattern recognition).

AMS 3300 uses the exclusive SurfaceWave technology to measure the thickness and uniformity of thin film metals and dielectrics. It’s a low cost but powerful product built expressly for copper, low k materials. Measures your ECD copper structures at 55 wph (9 sites with pattern recognition).

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