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the Planarization technology up to the atomic levels on the wafer surface - CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing)TOHO Engineering as the subsidiary of TOHOKOKI is specialized in CMP machine, CMP PAD, CMP PAD Grooving and assembly of PAD Grooving machine. TOHO Engineering provides the Total Service such as CMP equipment, PAD, PAD grooving, PAD grooving machine and measurement with simulation.TOHO engineering holds the patent for CMP PAD grooving tools, and equipped the clean room with full-scales to assemble the PAD grooving machine. In collaboration with Prof. Doi of Saitama University, CMP PAD patent (3497492) has acquired. In partnership with Prof. Philipossian of the University of Arizona, ARACA INC in USA has established, so TOHO enables to supply the full CMP service. For more information and specification, please contact us.