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Nuventys _ Laser Shock Cleaning


2011/01/18 조회 64039

반도체 공정중에 소자에 치명적인  오염물과 파티클이 Photo Mask 및 기판 위에 존재하고 있으며 이들은 소자 성능 및 수율에 심각한 문제를 일으키는 원인이 되므로 효과적으로 제거 되어야 합니다.

초음파 세척 및 Wet Cleaning에서 빈번히 발생하는 Damage를 줄일 수 있는 획기적인 방안으로 Nuventys사 ( http://www.nuventys.com/) 의 Laser Shock Cleaning에 대해 간단한 소개드립니다.

문의 사항은 전화(031-737-6177) 또는 메일(sejeong@sejeong.net)으로 연락주시면 성실히 답변드리겠습니다.



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Damage-free removal of sub-100 nm particles from photomasks or wafers is a challenge in the semiconductor industry. With the Nuventys Laser Shockwave Cleaning (LSC) technique particles are blasted away from the substrate surface by exposing them to a fast moving shockwave. Focusing a high-energy laser pulse in a process gas above the wafer or photomask produces the laser induced plasma shockwave. The rapid expansion of the process gas results in a fast moving shockwave that can remove sub-100 nm particles without damage. Laser Shockwave Cleaning (LSC) is an effective noncontact, chemical-free, dry, and selective nanoparticle removal technique.


VEGA® Laser Shock Cleaning System



The VEGA® laser shock cleaning system provides yield enhancement by removing surface particles without the negative effects observed with traditional wet chemistry. This innovative system uses a high velocity shockwave to dislodge particles from the photomask surface. As the VEGA® system does not use any chemicals, there is no surface roughing or etching, no water absorption, no chemical reaction and no chemical modification as seen with wet cleaning techniques.



    Laser shock cleaning (LSC)

    ISO class 1 minienvironment with temperature control

    Six-Axis robot with edge grip End-effector

    Fully automated Load/Unload (300mm FOUP, SMIF-200, RSP SMIF)

    Intuitive operator interface with user defined recipe’s

    Defect map importing

    Spot, line, and full wafer or photomask cleaning.

    SEMI S2/S8 compliant



    Non contact chemical free cleaning of sub-100nm particles

    Effective cleaning of organic, inorganic and metallic particles

    Eliminate chemical consumption and disposal costs

    Eliminates particle redeposition from traditional cleaning techniques

   Laser shockwave is tunable for sensitive structures where chemicals and/or megasonic energy cannot be applied.

    Spot cleaning capabilities increases throughput and shorter process times